Get a transaction coordinator to help you from escrow to close

Save 13 hours
per transaction

Flat-rate fee

Fully automated

What does a Transaction Coordinator do?

Let’s get you a Transaction Coordinator

I loved working with Happy Agent. My TC was crucial to keeping the transaction on track and moving forward. She was articulate and able to understand any tasks I needed completed. Quickly, my TC picked up on how I wanted her to assist me in my real estate business and her role in engaging with my clients and other members of the transaction team. I will be calling Happy Agent again to help me with my next transaction!
Katie L

Good Mountain Real Estate


Remote Real Estate Transaction
Coordinator Services Get Deals Done

Maintain oversight without creating a bottleneck.

Centralizing your transactions. Optimize your time and stay on top reviews with workflow tools.

Compliance and storage made easy.

Breathe easy with automated audit trails and cloud storage.

Sign on the dotted line.

Anywhere. Anytime. Forget about printing, signing, and scanning.

Happy Guarantee:

Sales are in the details. Cliche? Sure, but it’s the truth. Transaction coordinators handle the details of the deal. We only get paid if the deal closes.

Why do real estate agents choose remote transaction coordinators from Happy Agent?

+Flexible and On-Demand.

Just the hours you need for your upcoming transactions. Scale up or down as you need.

+No Hassle Pricing.

One simple flat-rate fee per transaction. Payment made at closing through the agent’s CDA.

+Teamed Approach.

One point of contact with a backup buddy from start to finish.

Getting Started with a remote real estate transaction coordinator:

Happy Agent is a cloud-based end to end solution.

Upload purchase agreement and agree to work with Happy Agent.
Meet your team.
Approve the workflow and nuances for your state and purchase agreement.

Let’s Get You a Transaction Coordinator

Never miss a deadline. Get the help you need with our remote, Transaction Coordinators. We provide traceable audit trails, accuracy, and keep you compliant.

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