Remote Real Estate Transaction
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Maintain oversight without creating a bottleneck.

Centralizing your transactions. Optimize your time and stay on top reviews with workflow tools.

Compliance and storage made easy.

Breathe easy with automated audit trails and cloud storage.

Sign on the dotted line.

Anywhere. Anytime. Forget about printing, signing, and scanning.

From contract to close, our plan fits your immediate needs.

Payment is required with 72 hours of closing according to the Service Agreement.

Plan Details

Kick Off Duties

  • Set up a call with the agent to determine the agent’s preferences and obtain additional info that will be needed to begin work
  • Create a timeline workflow to track critical dates and keep the workflow up to date
  • Keep a working log of all documents. Provide the agent 24/7 access on mobile and desktop
  • Schedule the transaction. Upload and maintain documents here. Update status daily
  • Inform all parties of status changes and modified timelines
  • Work with our internal operations team to verify that each transaction is in progress according to the timeline and that all documents are properly filled out with all signatures and necessary information
  • Verify that any needed disclosures and receipts have been received, signed and uploaded to the agent’s transaction management software

Continued Follow Ups

  • Update software to show sale pending
  • Verify that all signatures have been signed on the contract
  • Verify that any needed disclosures have been received and signed
  • Obtain a copy of the earnest money check receipt
  • Send amendments as needed and notify all parties of changes to the contract
  • Follow up on repairs and receipts
  • Make sure home warranty has been ordered
  • Remind agent to draft the Commission Disbursement Agreement (CDA)
  • Verify that the mortgage company has ordered the appraisal and monitor the appraisal timeline
  • Assist agent in collecting miscellaneous information
  • Follow up for signatures of all documents
  • Four hour response time during standard (9am – 5pm) business hours, Monday thru Friday. Morning replies for communication that comes in after 5pm


  • Contact the title company for earnest money check receipt
  • Confirm receipt of title insurance commitment
  • Contact the title company to verify that the HOA documents were received
  • Assist in any title problems

Inspections and Survey

  • Verify that the land survey exists or has been scheduled
  • Verify that the home inspection has been completed
  • Deliver well flow test report if applicable
  • Deliver septic system inspection to any parties requesting it
  • Deliver termite inspection report to any parties requesting it, if applicable
  • Deliver mold inspection to any parties requesting it, if applicable
  • Deliver roof Inspection to any parties requesting it, if applicable
  • Deliver electrical inspection to any parties requesting it, if applicable
  • Deliver plumbing inspection to any parties requesting it, if applicable

“No Surprises” Closing Process

  • Verify that the earnest money check has been taken to the closing agent
  • Verify agent has reviewed and approved closing documents
  • Make sure all parties know when to transfer utilities
  • Set up closing time and date with title company
  • Verify the final walk through and any related documentation
  • Document check 5 days before closing
  • Request & review final closing disclosure

After the Closing

  • Coordinate closing documents from the title company
  • Remind agent to pick up the lockbox and sign
  • Manage final closing disclosures
  • Change the MLS status to sold
  • Notify the agent

Remote Transaction Coordinator Services include all of the above (contract to close transaction), plus the following remote transaction coordinator services:

Remote Transaction Coordinator Services on the Buyer’s Side:

  • Coordinate Buyer’s Rep Agreement and all forms
  • Submit all executed docs to the lender, if the agent prefers
  • Send earnest money receipt
  • Coordinate key transfer
  • Coordinate closing gift per agent instructions

Remote Transaction Coordinator Services on the Seller’s Side:

  • Send the Listing Agreement and all broker required forms
  • Provide utility contact information
  • MLS data input to pending inspection, pending, closed
  • Remind the agent to deliver the escrow check to the title company
  • Coordinate closing gift per agent instructions

Happy Brokerage:

Most agents and brokers who get into trouble over compliance issues make simple errors or fail to keep adequate records. By finding the right tools and team to manage your brokerage’s compliance, you can simplify this critical piece of your business and focus on other elements that actually grow your business.

Happy Agent simplifies compliance for your brokerage.