The Happy Agent Difference

It wasn’t that long ago that transaction management teams were an anomaly, something you rarely saw outside of large brokerages. But, real estate agents and brokerages saw the writing on the wall and now those days are gone. The market is competitive. Real estate agents need to optimize their time and maintain compliance throughout the transaction process. Happy Agent does both: build a TC team to manage manual details of a transaction and leverage technology to maintain modern day compliance.

The Happy Agent difference is broken into 5 parts:

Productive Processes. Although there’s a hard cost to grow and maintain advanced technology, the Happy Agent platform saves time by allowing the agent to maintain oversight without creating a bottleneck in the process. This technology bridges the gap between the “old school” way and the modern methodology for running a business.

Years of Experience. The team of TCs at Happy Agent range in experience from 7 years to 40 years as licensed real estate agents in California and Arizona. Building a workplace where the TCs are happy to share their wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry allows the agent room to scale knowing that everything is handled even better than expected.

Modern Methodologies. Happy Agent technology centralizes real estate transactions. Compliance and storage are simplified. An agent can breathe easy with automated audit trails and cloud storage.

Teamed Approach. This is crucial in a deadline centric industry. Things happen. People get sick and families have emergencies. The buddy system puts a backup plan in place right from the get-go. If your TC is out for the day (for any reason), the backup buddy easily steps in. The backup buddy is in place from day one and is familiar with what’s happening with your transaction so that your transaction continues to run seamlessly.

Happy Agent Promise. Sales are in the details. Cliche? Sure, but it’s the truth. Transaction coordinators handle the details of the deal. Happy Agent only gets paid if the deal closes.

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Near Me:

Each remote real estate transaction coordinator knows the area that they are assigned to. Our remote transaction coordinators currently serve the United States.

Happy Guarantee:

Sales are in the details. Cliche? Sure, but it’s the truth. Transaction coordinators handle the details of the deal. We only get paid if the deal closes.