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Meet the remote transactions coordinators who are making an impact for real estate agents.

Destiny Heller

Admin and Operations with 19 years of experience

Brains love to-do lists and Destiny transforms those lists into beautifully simple workflows. Destiny’s workflows give us structure, a plan that we can stick to, and audit trails for what we have achieved that day, week or month.

What makes you happy?
My kids

Katrina Padron

Entrepreneur and Visionary with 15 years of experience

When Katrina believes that there is a better way, she finds it. As early as 2011, Katrina pioneered how companies build and optimize remote service teams that align with overarching business goals. Now, Katrina is bringing a team of remote transaction coordinators together to solve two challenges for real estate agents: compliance and time management.

What makes you happy?
Family time, skiing and hiking