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Happy Agent Launches Team of Remote Transaction Coordinators

  • Cloud-based end-to-end solution Happy Agent is launching a team of remote Transaction Coordinators in two states to assist Real Estate companies.
  • Working with Transaction Coordinators can increase compliance and a deal’s bottom line while saving an average of 13 hours per transaction.


In the constantly changing world of real estate technology, agents need every bit of assistance they can get. Happy Agent Transaction Coordinators announced today that they are launching a team to cover real estate deals in Arizona and California on January 1st, 2020. Happy Agent assists real estate agents by ensuring compliance through every step of the deal process. In addition, Happy Agent presents huge time-saving opportunities and provides a central hub for everything agents or agencies could require. With all data going through a central source, Happy Agent keeps paperwork and eSignatures on hand at all times. This announcement by Happy Agent signifies a new age of real estate technology and the standard for the future.

The remote transaction coordinators at Happy Agent handle the four major steps of every real estate deal. Once the purchase agreement is completed, the remote transaction coordinator assigned to the deal can begin the process of opening escrow. With Happy Agent, every step of the escrow process is documented for full compliance and all signatures and paperwork are easily stored in the cloud for retrieval at any time.

In addition to escrow management, Happy Agent also keeps everyone involved in the deal on the same schedule. Real estate agents are great at what they do, but they don’t look forward to constant phone calls making sure everyone is in the right place at the right meetings all the time. Happy Agent’s remote transaction coordinators expertly manage the schedules of all parties associated with the deal, confirming that meetings won’t be missed. The Happy Agent cloud software maintains schedules for important dates, along with every person that needs to attend each one. The extensive privacy settings ensure that the data is only visible to the appropriate parties.

While meeting scheduling can be a pain for agents, the mountain of paperwork might be an even bigger obstacle. Happy Agent remote transaction coordinators are experts at handling every individual form and signature over the course of a deal. Whenever an agent needs to confirm that a specific form is available or completed, they can pull it up within the cloud interface—with Happy Agent always eager to assist. Electronically signing forms and keeping solid records is an easy way to make a massive step toward 100% compliance across the board, and Happy Agent is in position to lead the industry.

Every city, county, and state have their own real estate guidelines. Happy Agent is launching in only two states on January 1 to ensure their transaction coordinators are complete experts on every facet of real estate before expanding to the rest of the country. Even after years of working in the real estate sphere, there’s still a lot for agents to keep track of. Happy Agent looks forward to assisting real estate agents with every aspect of their job, freeing them up to do what they’re best at. With all the paperwork and forms securely in the cloud, agents can focus on making deals and helping their clients.

Happy Agent believes that the rise of technology has altered real estate just as it has every other industry. Fortunately for aspiring and established agents, technology is optimizing their jobs rather than replacing them. The opportunity for talented agents to make a comfortable living helping buyers and sellers are stronger than ever, and Happy Agent remote transaction coordinators look forward to assisting every step of the way.

Happy Agent is a new, real estate focused service line from Burning Bright.