6 Steps to Hire The Right Remote Transaction Coordinator

The right remote transaction coordinator can boost your sales, land you stellar referrals, streamline your processes and add valuable time to your life. Transaction coordinators love details and make magic happen when it comes to organizing an addendum and scheduling appointments, all without blinking. It’s even better because remote transaction coordinators help agents with compliance. But how do you hire the right partner in success? It involves a little more than saying, “Hey Google, where’s the right remote transaction coordinator near me?” Below are six steps to hiring the best remote transaction coordinator for your business.

What does a remote real estate transaction coordinator do?

On average, real estate agents spend 13 hours managing the administrative details of each transaction to get the deal done and to stay compliant. That’s 13 hours that could be spent meeting buyers, meeting sellers, and showing properties.

A remote transaction coordinator is there when the agent is not. Basically, it means less to-dos and more tadas for the agent.

1. Check Off The Basics

To serve your clients, the right remote transaction coordinator possesses all the foundational basics of the job. The remote transaction coordinator you’re looking for loves to-do lists and the Oxford comma. They possess great email, phone and video conference skills.

2. Don’t Dismiss Transferable Experience

Don’t dismiss transferable experience, either. A former administrative assistant or paralegal has the potential to make a great remote transaction coordinator. It’s easier to instill industry knowledge in someone eager to learn who has the basic skills down.

3. Look For The Right Attitude

Screen for attitude. Ask the necessary questions:

  • Do you prefer to work solo or as a team?
  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake and the steps you took to resolve it.
  • How have you handled issues with vendors in the past?
  • Do you feel you can manage your time well in a remote role?
  • How do you prefer to receive feedback?
  • What frustrates you, and what encourages you?

4. Make Sure They Have Technological Aptitude

They don’t have to have a computer science degree, but they do need to know how to connect use modern day transaction management software, Google drive and project management software. Ask about software experience, relevant apps used and file management knowledge. Is the candidate willing to learn new software, and can they give an example of a time they did so in the past?

5. They Handle Stress Well And Reduce It

The biggest perk a remote transaction coordinator provides you is stress relief and helps you maintain compliance. You now have more time to grow your business, but that growth depends on the management of the stress now placed on the coordinator. Being a transaction coordinator is like herding cats with all kinds of surprises and missed deadlines. Can they handle that? How well do they respond to the unknown?

6. Pick a Cultural Fit

Remote work has its own culture that fits within the greater scope of your real estate brokerage’s culture. So, it’s just as important to pick a cultural fit and let them know how you plan to include them in your culture. How does the candidate align with your brokerage’s values? Do they want to be a part of a work family or just collect a paycheck?

From opening escrow to closing, hire the right remote transaction coordinator for your real estate firm using these seven steps. We’re proud to say that Happy Agent Transaction Coordinators possess are stress-less and love what they do!

Getting Started with a remote real estate transaction coordinator:

Happy Agent is a cloud-based end to end solution.

Upload purchase agreement and agree to work with Happy Agent.
Meet your team.
Approve the workflow and nuances for your state and purchase agreement.

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Near Me:

Each remote real estate transaction coordinator knows the area that they are assigned to. Our remote transaction coordinators currently serve the United States.

Happy Guarantee:

Sales are in the details. Cliche? Sure, but it’s the truth. Transaction coordinators handle the details of the deal. We only get paid if the deal closes.